Experiment in color mapping in 2D space.

Lighting the Granite Furniture Building 2nd Floor while under construction.

Programming illizio Technology for an Outdoor Night Time Installation.

illuzio Illumination of a Musician for a Photo Shoot.

Sprague Library Patio Installation during setup.

Brick Facade Mosaic Lighting Effect During a Music-to-Light Performance at Sprague Library.

iE Art Tech Design

iE is a collaborative guild of people from diverse fields who share a curiosity about the overlapping space between art, design, technology, performance, and human expression. Through our projects, installations, and performances, iE experiments with methods of touching the senses, engaging people at a deep level, and creating memorable encounters.

iE experiences aspire to be whimsical, unexpected, resonant, and memorable. With time and practice, they will become increasingly interactive as well. By tapping into underlying archetypes we hope to touch the head and heart regardless of personal history or culture. Explore these pages to learn more about us, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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